Biodiversity of EGREE Region essay writing services and its surroundings is valued, conserved, restored and wisely used, maintaining a healthy essay writing services uk mangrove, estuarine and marine ecosystem services and sustaining benefits essential for people living in the region”.


The long-term goal of the EGREE Foundation is to contribute the sustainable management of the globally significant coastal and marine biodiversity of the region by “Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation Considerations into Production Activities” in the coastal and marine zones, while taking into account development imperatives, need for sustaining livelihoods and also addressing retrogressive factors including the anticipated impacts of climate change. The objectives will be achieved through the following outcomes and related outputs.

Outcome 1: Sectoral planning in the EGREE mainstreams biodiversity conservation considerations
Outcome 2: Enhanced capacity of sector institutions for implementing biodiversity-friendly sector plans including monitoring and enforcement of regulations
Outcome 3: Community livelihoods and natural resource use are sustainable in the EGREE